(Wing Chun) Kung Fu​​​​

What is the difference between Ving Tsun and Wing Chun?
Ving Tsun and Wing Chun mean the same thing. Different schools use each depending on who runs the school. We believe that it is a matter of how you write it. In the Moy Yat family, we write it Ving Tsun.
Can anyone learn Ving Tsun?
Ving Tsun is a sensitivity based martial art that is also not strength based and is perfect for anyone of any body type.
What kind of things will I learn from Ving Tsun?
You will learn balance, concentration, and self control while working on core strength and stamina.
What is Ving Tsun training like?
Ving Tsun training consists of forms, 1 person excersises, 2 person exercises, and practical applications.
Does Ving Tsun only teach you how to fight?
 No. Ving Tsun develops life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and self- sacrifice.  Just like in training, limitations and weakness in other aspects of life can be conquered. This leads to confidence, greater well-being, and achievement in all aspects of life. Ving Tsun contains many other benefits, including improved relaxation, health, overall fitness, and respect for self and others.
What can I do to get the most out of my training?
Taking care of your body is important to getting the most out of training. Try to eat a healthy diet while avoiding processed, chemical-laden foods. Avoiding drugs, alcohol in excess, and legal drugs such as weight-loss pills can help your body throughout training. You can supplement your training with cardiovascular exercises, such as riding a bike or exercising on a treadmill. 
Your mind needs to be trained along with your body. So try reading and educate yourself on the world around. Take advantage of the wealth of human knowledge and experience. If you do not, what is the difference between you and the man who cannot read?