(Wing Chun) Kung Fu​​​​

In 1991, Urs Mueller (Instructor/Sifu at NRV Kung Fu) began his Ving Tsun training under Master Moy Tung in Richmond, VA and soon became his personal student (training the traditional 20 plus hours per week) and member of the MY3 Association, and later, a member of Grandmaster Moy Yat's Grand Special Student Association.

Within a few years his career took him to the small town of Hot Springs, VA. Besides his regular weekend training at the Richmond school, he would bring Moy Tung up to the mountains for training and recreation. Upon his Sifu's instruction and guidance he started to teach and more than twenty people learned Ving Tsun during his stay in Bath County, VA. After work related stays out west (Jackson, WY and Santa Barbara, CA), he has now retired and moved back to the Blacksburg area of Virginia.  His passion for the art of Ving Tsun, the desire to make it available to people and the knowledge of how it can impact one's body and mind,  made him start NRV Kung Fu.  Come check it out!